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Subject: Is the effluent from acid mine drainage 'hard' or 'soft' water?

Date: Tue Jul 22 22:12:15 1997
Posted by michelle lorek
Grade level: grad
School: penn state university
City: state college State/Province: pa
Country: usa
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 869627535.Es
My friend and I are science education majors and are 
preparing a lesson in the effects of acid mine drainage.  We 
have found a site where there is a dicharge pipe into a 
stream.  We ed upstream and downstream of the pipe.  We 
expected the water downstream of the pipe to be relatively 
hard water.  However, our test indicated that this was not 
the case.  Both of us are aspiring biology teachers and the 
geology/chemistry of this area has us perplexed.  Any 
insight you could give would be great!  Thanks!

Re: Is the effluent from acid mine drainage 'hard' or 'soft' water?

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