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Re: Falling

Area: Physics
Posted By: Dennis Windrim, ,Edmonton Public Schools
Date: Sat Sep 13 18:42:45 1997
Area of science: Physics
ID: 871692236.Ph
Whether or not the two people would hit depends on how wide the hole is, 
and which side of the hole they jump in. If the hole was, say, 100 metres 
wide, they probably wouldn't hit one another, but if the hole was only a 
metre wide, they probably would.If the hole ran parallel to, but not 
directly along an axis, they would have another problem. Gravitational 
forces would be non-symmetric, which would mean that they would end up 
sliding along the wall of the tunnel as they passed near the center of the 
Earth. In that case, they would definitely hit one another, but they would 
likely be in so much pain already that they wouldn't care.

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