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Subject: Homeopathy etc. vs. mainstream medicine

Date: Thu Sep 4 17:04:36 1997
Posted by B. Nelson
Grade level: grad
School: No school entered.
City: Pasadena State/Province: CA
Country: No country entered.
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 873410676.Me
I get the feeling that homeopathic, herbal or other alternatives
to mainstream medicine are often viewed as nonsense and 
their proponents as quacks. As a scientist myself I like to 
keep an open mind, and I would appreciate reading an unbiased
opinion here and finding any good references on the following:

What are the medical community's views on this subject?
Are the claims made by the remedies and supplements you can find in 
local health food stores being actively researched?

Re: Homeopathy etc. vs. mainstream medicine

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