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Subject: Sound Waves; and their reactions within an environment

Date: Tue Sep 9 22:57:45 1997
Posted by Justin Inzauro
Grade level: undergrad
School: Central Missouri State
City: Kansas City State/Province: MO
Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 873863865.Ph
I've been interested in car audio for several years, and there has 
always been a term I've been puzzled by.  In the car audio industry
they will sometimes refer to a car's 'transfer function'; (the cars
ability to enhance the sound passively).  I understand that each 
frequency of sound has a different length; this length may or may not 
fit within the distance of the car. (ie: front to back, side to side). 
How does a person calculate, then use the car's 'transfer function' to
enhance the listening environment?

Re: Sound Waves; and their reactions within an environment

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