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Re: Is time of the essence for an atrophied leg muscle to regain its full use?

Area: Medicine
Posted By: kathi clement, faculty md, family practice, Univ. of Wyoming
Date: Tue Sep 30 13:36:20 1997
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 875048607.Me
There is no exact time period for recovery of an injury, but 
generally it is felt that less than a year.  Some muscle injuries even less 
time.  Think about a broken ankle, and casting.   This may immobilize the 
ankle and lower leg for months, but usually with exercise and physical 
therapy there is no long lasting effect.  With lenghtier inactivity the 
muscles may develop contractures, where even with physical therapy the 
muscles have shortened up and can no longer worklike the time  prior to the 

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