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Subject: Genetic engineering--replacing melanin with chlorophyl

Date: Mon Sep 15 00:02:06 1997
Posted by Patrick Bishop
Grade level: undergrad
School: University of Oklahoma
City: Norman State/Province: OK
Country: United States
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 874299726.Ge
In a genetic engineering experiment, a mad-scientist character in the 
short story I'm writing will replace the human gene for melanin with 
the plant gene for chrlorophyl in an single-cell human embryo.  His 
goal is to "create" a person with a tendency to develop green skin 
when exposed to sunlight.  Is such a thing at least theoretically 
possible?  I want some technical language to use in the scene when he 
does the experiment--chemicals, processes, equipment.  I'd appreciate 
some informed advice and will give credit in the text to anyone who 
assists me when the story gets published.  Thanks, Patrick Bishop.

Re: Genetic engineering--replacing melanin with chlorophyl

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