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Re: Why can 'they' make a estraderm implant or a deconate injection?

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Posted By: William M. Rich, MD faculty,Univ. Med. Ctr
Date: Sat Oct 4 18:44:35 1997
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The estraderm patch is a method to administer estrogen directly into 
the blood stream through the skin. The easiest way to take estrogen 
is by pill. When a pil is swallowed it goes to the stomach and is absorbed
into the blood stream. It goes directly to the liver first and then to
the rest of the body. In some people the liver metabolizes and inactivates
the estrogen as fast as it is swallowed. They do not get any benefit from
oral estrogen. The patch is their best method.

Several years ago there was an estrogen  (estradiol) pellet that could be
injected under the skin that lasted several months. It never was available 
commercially. Some gynecologists may still have access to it. You should 
contact the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at USC school of 
Medicine in Los Angeles and talk with Dr. Charles March or Dr. Subir Roy.
They may have this or may be investigating another method.

There is an injectable estrogen called Delestrogen that is given every 3-4 
weeks and is available from any gynecologist. It is not popular because it 
gives a high initial dose that falls off rapidly.

Other options include trying to put an estrogen pill under the tongue for 
absorption into the blood stream or into the vagina or using a vaginal 


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