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Re: direction to center of earth

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Posted By: robert l. judge, Faculty, Chemistry/Science Department, Holy Cross High School
Date: Tue Oct 7 21:49:47 1997
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 876138793.Es
Mr. Ross,
	Interesting question.  Think of the Earth as a ball, because that's 
exactly what it is, just that it's real big.  Imagine yourself standing on 
a ball, and someone else was standing on the same ball on the opposite 
side.  To be able to go straight to that person, going through the ball, 
you would have to go down.  If you went south, north, east or west, (like 
on a compass) you would be going around the outside of the ball.  So that 
wouldn't work.  Think about standing straight and tall and turning yourself 
into a giant screw.  Your feet would be the point and your head would be 
the head of the screw.  The direction you would be pointing in is the 
direction you want to go to reach the center of the ball. And it would not 
matter where on the ball you would be standing.  You would always have to 
go down. But I don't know if you would want to go there.  If you have ever 
seen a volcano and the lava that come out you know it is very hot. 	
		Make a ball out of yarn or aluminum or playdough.  
		Get a thin stick long enough to go through the ball
		Stick the stick through the ball in several places, through the 		
		See in which direction you had to put the stick in each time.
		What happened!

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