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Re: How to feed a crayfish

Area: Zoology
Posted By: Roger Raimist, Prof. Biological Sciences
Date: Fri Oct 10 08:00:01 1997
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 876149647.Zo


Crayfish are detritis feeders. They will eat almost anything. You can feed them scraps of meat or fish. When feeding the crayfish remove them from the tank and feed them in a separate feeding bowl. Keep them in the bowl feeding for about an hour. They will make a mess of it. Wash the animal before returning it to the tank. Feed the animal about 3 times each week.

It is also best to provide hiding places in the tank. Small clay flower pots on their side do well. Do not crowd animals into a small tank. This will lead to territory fights and death. No more than one "thumb" size animal to a 10 gallon tank. Provide lots of living plants like Elodea. This will also have to be replaced frequently.

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