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Subject: Why did our caterpillar turn fron tan to black?

Date: Mon Sep 15 19:39:01 1997
Posted by Kim Lester
Grade level: K-3
School: Albuquerque Country Day School
City: Albuquerque State/Province: NM
Country: USA
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 874370341.Zo
Our class found two caterpillars on a green tumbleweed outside our 
school. The large one soon spun a cocoon in the dirt/gravel in the 
bottom of the cage. The smaller one has been eating well and growing, 
but over the past three days, it has gone from a tan with tan bristles 
to almost black with longer black bristles. What's going on? It 
appears to be active and healthy. 

Re: Why did our caterpillar turn fron tan to black?

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