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Re: Is carbon a metaloid or a metal ?

Area: Chemistry
Posted By: John Letourneau, Lab Technician, Canadian Forestry Service
Date: Tue Oct 21 06:07:58 1997
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 876957384.Ch
	Carbon is actually a non-metal however it's position in the 
periodic table causes it to weakly exhibit some properties generally 
associated with metals.  The most important of these being weak electrical 
conductivity (carbon is a semi-conductor in some forms).  Elemental carbon 
does not exhibit many of the other characteristics such as elasticity, 
malleability, conductivity (of both electricity and heat) and luster which 
are generally associated with metals.  Carbon is also famous for its 
chemical behavior in forming a vast array of organic compounds which by 
their definition are non-metal derived.  These types of chemical behavior 
are so abundant for this element that there is little doubt of its identity 
as a non-metal.

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