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Subject: how is physics related to waterskiing?

Date: Mon Oct 20 14:38:34 1997
Posted by julie
Grade level: 10-12
School: longmeadow high school
City: longmeadow State/Province: ma
Country: usa
Area of science: Physics
ID: 877376314.Ph

i have to write a report on how wateskiing deals with physics.  i have looked eveywhere trying to find informantion, but i don't know where to look, i have looked in libraries, on the web.  do you know of any books that would be helpful or even the concepts involved like newton's third law or acceleration or anything like that. i have all kinds of questions like, how do the skis stay on the water and how do you not fall over to one side when you are up on the skis?  there are so many more and i am sure that there is a lot of physics behind it.  i need all the help that i can get.  thank you so much, i would really appreciate anything and all that you know on this topic.  

Re: how is physics related to waterskiing?

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