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Subject: I'm looking for nutritional info on 'viola cae' and 'viola odorata' violets

Date: Wed Oct 1 12:08:55 1997
Posted by trystia
Grade level: nonaligned
School: No school entered.
City: houston State/Province: tx
Country: usa
Area of science: Botany
ID: 875725735.Bt
Both of these violets are considered edible, and much is made about the 
extremely high vitamin content. In europe, violets are made into a "vitamin 
paste" and still sold in the pharmacies there. Yet I can't seem to find anything 
about the specific nutritional components and chemical makeup of these flowers. 
I have herbavores as pets, who love nothing better than to "graze" the backyard 
for the wild violets located there in the summer. My veternarian doesn't seem to 
believe this is a problem, yet I would like him to take a look at the "makeup" 
of these plants to be sure.

Re: I'm looking for nutritional info on 'viola cae' and 'viola odorata' violets

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