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Subject: Photons and a spacecraft.

Date: Fri Oct 10 16:01:17 1997
Posted by Nick
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Area of science: Physics
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I read many of the archives about photons and the speed of light, so 
I'm well prepared to ask this question. Say there's a spacecraft 
sitting in space. If the spacecraft was totally surrounded in and by 
photons (massless light particles), then why couldn't the spacecraft 
achieve the speed of light since by surrounding it, you could make the 
craft massless? Photons naturally travel at the speed of light or 
faster when they are "born". So, the craft inside the field should be 
influenced by the photons (and since photons have inertia and 
momentum), shouldn't the spacecraft be acted upon by the photons and 
be accelerated to the speed of light, or beyond? 
    Thank you for the time you have taken to answer my question!

Re: Photons and a spacecraft.

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