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Re: Why does a frozen hockey puck slide better & bounce less that a non-frozen?

Date: Wed Feb 4 21:23:13 1998
Posted By: David Beck, MadSci Admin
Area of science: Other
ID: 886106540.Ot

I'm looking for the specific reaction the freezing process has on the rubber puck that results in a faster slide.

Try this experiment at home. Slide a nickel across the kitchen table, sure slides fast, eh? Now get a rag and wash the table, now hile the table is wet slide the nickel across the table, not as fast is it?

Now I am sure you know what happens when you stick something warm on ice, it melts. Just like the nickel the puck doesn't slide as fast if it has to fight its way through water. It doesn't have to melt much, just a little to slow that puck down. That is why you store pucks in the freezer between games.

As for bouncing, well a puck is rubber, and rubber is a fairly soft substance, not hard like steel, but if you freeze it, it becomes harder and thus it bounces less.

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