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Re: How can I measure how much Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide is in the air?

Date: Wed Feb 18 15:16:59 1998
Posted By: Henry Boyter, Senior Scientist
Area of science: Environment/Ecology
ID: 885593987.En

Dan, I do measurements of O2 and CO2 on a routine basis. I know of only one way to conduct the measurements you are interested in taking. That would involve the use of a multimeter or two individual meters for the measurements. The meters would have to be part of your sealed system or connected by tubing if you have several sealed systems. Unless you know someone with a meter, you have to rent one and they are fairly expensive (several hundred dollars). There are also tubes that can be used, but they are not compatable with a sealed system, are expensive, and contain chemicals I would not recommend using. I'm sorry there is not an easy way to do these measurements. If you have any questions, please E-mail me directly.

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