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Re: Brushing teeth with warm water.

Date: Sat Feb 21 20:25:33 1998
Posted By: David L. Beck, grad student, Microbiology Program,
Area of science: Other
ID: 886226285.Ot

I asked my dentist, and what he said is this: the cleansing action of brushing your teeth is not affected by the temperature of the water you use, but the toothbrush is. If you use a soft bristle tooth brush then it doesn't matter what temperature of water you use because the bristles are soft and will work gentlely around your teeth and gums, easily cleaning them. If you use a medium, or hard bristled toothbrush then you should use warm water when you brush your teeth. The warm or slightly hot water will help to soften the bristles and thus help the bristles to work gentlely around your teeth and gums.

I guess the moral of the story is, use a soft bristled tooth brush; then it doesn't matter.


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