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Re: How long is the tongue?

Date: Thu Feb 26 09:47:16 1998
Posted By: Andrea Zardetto-Smith, Asst Prof -faculty, Physical and Occupational Therapy and Biomedical Sciences, Creighton University
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 887654909.An

The tongue is defintely not the longest muscles in the body - and neither 
are the gluteal muscles. The sartorius muscle in the front of the thigh is 
the longest in the body.  The name sartorius comes from the Latin word 
meaning "tailor" because it helps in the position tailors often sat in to 
sew- cross-legged sitting on the floor.   The tongue measures 2 to 4.5 
inches, depending on where you measure it from (it actually is comprised of 
more than one muscle).  In comparison,the sartorius is several inches long. 

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