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Subject: Why can't government computers scramble messages?

Date: Sun Mar 1 13:51:06 1998
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     Why can't government computers only contact each other only if 
they have both scramblers and descramblers? It seems that we are too 
reliant on software fixes when we should be looking at hardware 
     If a computer used by the government is used to communicate 
secret information to other computers then why can't they use 
scramblers on the phone line? To access these special computers one 
would have to have a scrambler and descrambler. To anyone else who 
was to eaves drop they would only hear and read static. As another 
step the operators of these computers would need an access code of at 
least 128 bytes. If the person hacking the site wanted to get in, the 
effort would be extremely costly.
     Also if each srambler and descrambler were to be located at all 
times and the operator needed a special smart card to activate these 
devices it would make hacking a whole lot more difficult.

Re: Why can't government computers scramble messages?

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