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Subject: Can you explain to me what is plasma or ionozed gas

Date: Sun Mar 1 08:13:11 1998
Posted by Gary
Grade level: other
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City: Dallas State/Province: Texas
Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 888761591.Ph

I understand that ionized gas and plasma are one and the same. 
However, I can't seem the follow the fact that atoms stripped of their
electrons, and the remaining atomic nuclei is what makes up plasma.
If atoms are stripped of their electrons, then are they not no longer 
atoms? If that is true what they called? Furthermore, these 'free' 
electrons, and remaining atomic nuclei - then could be what 
researcher's have been looking for, the 'fabric' of space-time itself?
Instead of dark matter, could this the 'missing mass'?
Thank You,

Re: Can you explain to me what is plasma or ionozed gas

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