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Subject: How does the molarity of acid affect the rate of electrolysis of HCl..?

Date: Mon Mar 9 14:24:12 1998
Posted by Natalie
Grade level: 10-12
School: CHSG
City: Chichester State/Province: West sussex
Country: England
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 889475052.Ch

Basically, I'm a year 10 student at school in England, and for our GCSE sylabus in chemistry, we have to do this investigation about electrolysis - how is the rate ofelectrolysis of HCl affected by a certain factor? And for my key factor, I chose the molarity of acid, ebcuase i know that the stronger the acid, the faster the rate of electrolysis from preliminary experiments. However, I have to write a hypothesis, and I'm not too sure on the thoeory - why the moles mean that the acid is stronger and so on and I've drawn a balnk at my textbooks, and there aren't exactly many sites on the web whihc can help, so I decided to write to you as a kind of last resort ebcuase it has to be in this week, and I don't see my teacher beforehand becuase she's away. I would really appreciate it if you caould help me. I'd be using HCl (hydrochloric acid - I don't know if you abbreviate it differently) in a beaker with graphite/carbon electrodes. Sorry my typing is a bit dodgy. Thank you ever so much. Natalie

Re: How does the molarity of acid affect the rate of electrolysis of HCl..?

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