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Re: Are Oomycete (water molds) still classified under Kingdom Fungus?

Date: Sat Apr 4 23:24:52 1998
Posted By: David L. Beck, grad student, Microbiology Program,
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 890509613.Mi

I have beeen unable to determine whan this was proposed. Everyone says 
recently so I would say in the last five to six years. I was not able 
to find it anywhere that this kingdom had been created. Everyone still 
seems to be saying that it falls under the kingdom of Fungi. These things 
take years to bring about. The last time a new kingdom of life was 
proposed, the Archae, it took 15 years to get the new kindom accepted. 
It took ten years for the majority other researchers in the field to 
stop calling the researcher that originally proposed a new kingdom a 
lunatic. I wish I were kidding. Systematics is a lot about politics.

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