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Subject: Uses of spent sulfuric acid

Date: Fri Mar 27 10:02:28 1998
Posted by Carol Payne
Grade level: other
School: No school entered.
City: Reisterstown State/Province: Md
Country: US
Area of science: Environment/Ecology
ID: 891014548.En

I found your site while looking for info on spent sulfuric acid. Maybe
you can help. I am a woman owned small business and have very little
knowledge of chemistry. I am working with a company that has spent 
sulfuric acid that they have been "disposing" of. I feel there must
be some type of company that could use this material in a useful way 
instead of contaminating our environment. The spent acid is from a 
steel mill that uses it to pickle steel. It has water and low 
concentrations of metals. Would you have any suggestions as to what 
industry I might try that could use this material? Appreciate your 
help. Thanks

Re: Uses of spent sulfuric acid

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