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Re: Please name me all possible sources of fossil fuels

Date: Mon Apr 20 10:45:20 1998
Posted By: Robert Chesson, Other (pls. specify below), Working Geologist (Certified Profssional Geologist), FEC
Area of science: Environment/Ecology
ID: 892760743.En

Fossil fuels are manís main source of energy in the past century and are:  
coal and lignite (a soft sub-bituminous type of coal), peat, petroleum (as 
crude oil), and natural gas.  There are some other minor fossil fuels (such 
as oil shale) but the preceding list covers the major fossil fuels.  

I am not really sure what you mean as sources.  All fossil fuels have a 
similar source.  They are the natural hydrocarbon remains of larger land 
plants for peats and coals, and microscopic marine plants (such as 
plankton) for petroleum.  Natural gas is a by-product of the chemical and 
physical production of both coals and petroleum.

If you are interested in more in-depth descriptions of fossil fuels, I 
suggest a good general introductory college level geology text book.  There 
are also many numerous more advanced geological texts that deal in much 
detail with both coal and petroleum formation and occurrence.  Many of 
these texts can be found in a good college library.

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