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Re: Do fish in a tank on a sea/ocean going vessel get sea sick?

Date: Wed Apr 22 09:17:02 1998
Posted By: Karen Culver-Rymsza, Grad student oceanography
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 890723742.Gb


This is an unusual question, but I will answer as best I can. It is 
possible for fish to get seasick on an ocean-going vessel, although I 
haven't found anyone who has observed seasickness in fishtanks on ships. 
Fish are known to get seasick in net pens used for aquaculture if 
conditions are turbulent enough. And yes, fish seasickness is like human 
seasickness, they throw up! One reason no-one may have observed seasickness 
in shipboard tanks may be that if there is enough turbulence for the fish 
to get sick, the human observers were probably busy dealing with their 
own seasickness.

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