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Re: What does independent and dependent variables mean in Science?

Date: Thu Apr 30 07:01:21 1998
Posted By: Nauzad Tantra, Student, Computer, G.P.P.
Area of science: Physics
ID: 892703853.Ph

There are different types of variables as you rightly suggested. Variables that depend on each other (for eg: in the case of gases pressure will depend directly on the volume of the gas) are called dependent variables. So if the variable "a" changes and causes a change in variable "b" then b is said to be dependent on "a". Independent variables are those which do not depend on each other, such as density and area of a liquid. However small the surface area of the liquid the density of the liquid will remain (more or less) constant. I hope that answers your difficulty. If not, then let me know and Ill give you a reply in greater details. Better yet, try to find information on this in any good algebra textbook! Nauzad Tantra

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