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Re: Is there a way to aid the healing of hickies?

Date: Fri May 1 06:52:23 1998
Posted By: David Winsemius, MadSci Admin
Area of science: Other
ID: 893968083.Ot

Gentle kisses?

Seriously, I do not know of anyway to accelerate the healing of bruised skin. If 
the concern is that the hickie is too visible, I would consider some kind of 
makeup. The "medical term for this kind of injury is ecchymosis.

Cuts (what doctors call lacerations) or scrapes (abrasions in MD-speak) will 
generally heal faster if covered with a moist bandage. Many plastic surgeons use 
bacitracin ointment which is available without a prescription. I would advise 
against anything with neomycin in it (such as Polymyxin or "triple-antibiotic" 
preparations) because about 5% of the population becomes allergic to neomycin. 
Then you get an allergic dermatitis that gets confused with a secondary 
infection. The advice about a moist dressing is of course just the opposite of 
what I was originally taught in medical school. Ideas change.

David Winsemius, MD
Othe Section Admin

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