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Subject: What is a 6 X 86 Computer?

Date: Sat Apr 11 19:20:50 1998
Posted by R.S. Rohitha
Grade level: 10-12
School: Grammer School
City: Auckland State/Province: No state entered.
Country: New Zealand
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 892340450.Cs

We have heard of 286,386,486, Pentium Computer microprocessors.Some 
manufacturers sell computers with 6 X 86 microprocessors. Please tell 
me what is the difference between these kind of microprocessors and 
other types? 
How can we compare 6 X 86 Computers with other types such as 
286,386,486, Pentium? Where will the 6 X 86 computers stand against 
other types? Is 6 X 86 microprocessor same as Pentium microprossor 
provided the clock speed of of both types of computers are same?

Re: What is a 6 X 86 Computer?

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