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Re: what is the process of pasturizing milk from a cow?

Date: Tue May 5 08:45:28 1998
Posted By: Neala MacDonald, Grad Student, MSc in Zoology, University of Western Ontario
Area of science: Agricultural Sciences
ID: 891312859.Ag

I asked Dr. Elizabeth Bright-See, a professor in Home Economics at the 
University of Western Ontario to help answer your question. 
Here goes:
"Pasteurizing is the process of heating a food product to a very high
temperature for a very short period of time.  All milk in Canada must be
pasteurized, but other products can be too - e.g. honey.

The purpose of the process is to kill disease-causing bacteria.  It was
named after Louis Pasteur who invented the process in order to prevent the
spread of smallpox through contaminated milk."

Neala MacDonald

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