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Subject: How do electrons have spin?

Date: Sat May 16 19:54:50 1998
Posted by Garr Cutler
Grade level: grad (science)
School: University of Oregon
City: Eugene State/Province: OR
Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 895366490.Ph

The electron spin
I would like to know why electrons and other subatomic particles are 
said to have "spin," since there is no real spin involved. 
 I understand there is a real axis to the spin (a spatial orientation) 
and a real momentum to the spin (Plank's constant over 2Pi. Is there 
also a frequency of the spin?  Is there also a direction to the spin 
(clockwise or counterclockwise)?  Or is the term "spin" strictly 
arbitrary, such as the term "beauty," or "bottom" as applied to other 
subatomic particles?

Re: How do electrons have spin?

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