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Re: What insect or bug glows other than ligtning bugs?

Date: Tue May 19 18:26:11 1998
Posted By: Neala MacDonald, Grad Student, MSc in Zoology, University of Western Ontario
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 894166305.Zo


I consulted with Ted Sawinski for the following answer to your question:

"You could be describing either the larvae of Lampyridae (Lightning bug or Fireflies), or Phengodidae (Glowworms), or simply adult females. In NA Phengodidae, all adult females (25 species) are wingless, while in Lampyridae most of the females of 125 species are wingless & look very much like larvae. The wingless Lampyrid females & most Lampyrid larvae are luminescent. Most Lampyrids occur in the east & the south of North America. In Phengodids all females are wingless & luminescent. Notably, the larvae are predaceous."

All of this info was gleaned from "An Introduction to the Study of Insects", 6th ed., Borror, Triplehorn, Johnson." Ted Sawinski, Entomologist, Agriculture Canada London, Ontario

Neala MacDonald
Let's Talk Science

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