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Re: Is there new inforamtion on neutrino masses

Date: Thu Jun 11 21:38:26 1998
Posted By: Robert L. Judge, Faculty, Chemistry/Science Department, Holy Cross High School
Area of science: Physics
ID: 897151488.Ph

Dear Dave,
What you heard, I read in Thursday's local newspaper.  WOW! apparently it 
was postulated that some form of "dark mass" was out there but what it was 
was uknown.  The neutrino detector in Japan was buiried deep enough to not 
pick up interferience from other particles.  Since the neutrino is so small 
it can pass through anything with out much if any impedance.  The fact that 
we have been able to indirectly measure the mass of a neutrino, which is 
reportedly 1/10,000 the mass of an electron which is 1/186,000 times the 
mass of a proton, is pretty spectacular.  What this means is that our basic 
understanding of matter must be modified.  What Rutherford, Einstein and 
first Bohr, among others, postulated was only partly correct.  Two of the 
scientists involved in the project are Robert Svoboda of L.S.U. and Jordan 
Goodman of University of Maryland.  You could try their web pages for more 
information. Scientific American will likely have some information.

Good luck in your search.
Robert L. Judge  

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