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Re: What material can I use to duplicate rock to make a model 'Dinosaur Dig'?

Date: Thu Jun 11 15:37:23 1998
Posted By: John Haberman, Space Scientist, NASA Goddard Space Center, Greenbelt MD
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 895076111.Es


   All you need to use is some sand or small rocks and something to hold 
it all together.  You will have to experiment a bit to figure out how much 
of each material to use.  If you want hard rocks use (cooking) flour with 
moistened sand.  You might also try using glue with sand.  

   I suggest that you try using any of the unflavored gelatin products 
(from the grocery store) with moistened sand.  The resulting 'rocks' will 
not be too difficult to work with.  If you use the flavored "Jello" 
products you can make rocks of different colors - BUT be careful because 
the colors might stain clothing and other items.

   These combinations are water soluble (you may have to use hot water) so 
you will be able to clean up after your Dinosaur Dig.

John Haberman

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