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Re: Is there any existing substance that can nulify a magnetic field?

Date: Thu Jul 2 02:36:31 1998
Posted By: Emmanuel Durand, M.D., nuclear medicine, faculte de medecine de BICETRE
Area of science: Physics
ID: 895174589.Ph

No, but ...

No you can not nullify a magnetic field
(if any device generates a magnetic field you can not make it 
just disappear)

However, you can either

* shield this magnetic field
some materials (like steel) may bend a magnetic field, changing its shape 
thus making it considerably weaker in some places. However, it will not 
annihilate the field especially in in the very place where it is being 

* counter this magnetic field
that is you can make another field which has a similar shape but an 
opposite sign so that in some places, the sum of both fields will be nearly 
The latter is sometimes called active shielding

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