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Subject: agar dishes

Date: Fri Jul 3 18:43:20 1998
Posted by Julie
Grade level: 10-12
School: Orewa College
City: Whangaparaoa State/Province: Manly
Country: New Zealand
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 899509400.Mi

I am doing a science fair project that involves testing for 
bacteria.  I
only have seven agar dishes but need to do about 40 experiments.  
suggested dividing  the agar into different areas by using a permanent
marker.  This would let me do, say 4 tests per agar dish.  Will doing 
affect the outcome of my tests.

Can I have the control and say 3 different situations in the one dish?

Thank you for your help

Julie Brooks

Re: agar dishes

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