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Subject: What if we hit another Galaxy?

Date: Fri Jun 5 13:30:55 1998
Posted by Miguel Canas
Grade level: 10-12
School: CRLS
City: Cambridge State/Province: MA
Country: USA
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 897071455.As

I read somewhere, I may have read it wrong, but I read that everything 
in space is basically hurling (revolving) around something... Like 
moons revolve around the planets, the planets revolve around the sun, 
the whole make a solar system, our solar system revolves around the 
center of the galaxy (A black hole???). Is our galaxy revolving around 
something? Is it even moving? If it is, then is it possible that we 
may some day crash into another galaxy? If that happens, what would 
the result be? Would it be a dramatic armagedon explosion type thing? 
Or a formation of a galactic size black hole? Or would we form into an 
even bigger galaxy?

I have another question... How small is the hole in a black hole?? 
Could we construct anything small enough that would safely pass 
through it and record the results? Or would the force of the gravity 
around the black hole tear it apart to dust?

I'm also curious to find out weather or not it's theoretically 
possible, and what that theory exactly is, to construct a black hole, 
or a wormhole for space flight... Thanx for listening, hope you can 
help me out!

Re: What if we hit another Galaxy?

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