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Subject: Can magnetism provide friction-free rail transport

Date: Thu Jul 16 19:02:24 1998
Posted by Anthony Peters
Grade level: other
School: Reading University
City: Reading State/Province: Berkshire
Country: United Kingdom
Area of science: Physics
ID: 900633744.Ph

Would it be possible to create a railway system which made use of the 
repulsive / attractive forces of (electro?) magnetism to cause the 
'train' to be suspended within a magnetic field and to travel along 
within it presumably unimpeded by friction? Sort of like this

NNNNNNNNNNN     <===  Magnetic 'cushion' above train

nnnnnnnnnnn     <===  top of train
sssssssssss     <===  bottom of train

SSSSSSSSSSS     <===  Magnetic 'cushion' below train

Re: Can magnetism provide friction-free rail transport

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