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Subject: Juice that shocks me!!!! Let me set my questions up. I go to the local

Date: Thu Jul 23 00:33:31 1998
Posted by Stewart Turcotte
Grade level: other
School: not in school
City: Kelowna State/Province: British Columbia
Country: Canada
Area of science: Physics
ID: 901172011.Ph

supermarket and buy some fresh squeezed orange juice in the generic 
plastic bottle.  I go home, put the juice in the fridge and go to 
bed.  I awake in the middle of the night, thirsty and slightly 
unaware, I proceed to the fridge where I remove the plastic safety 
ring, open the orange juice, raise it to my lips and AHHHHH a 4" 
spark goes from my lips into the juice and I jump back and spill 
orange juice on the floor. This happens with the strawberry/banana 
combination as well, but it only happens on the first sip after it 
has been opened and it happens every time I purchase juice. Now, why 
does this happen, why does this only happen on the first sip?

Re: Juice that shocks me!!!! Let me set my questions up. I go to the local

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