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Subject: What causes burrowing hoses?

Date: Sun Jun 7 00:06:57 1998
Posted by Scott W. Langill
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City: Washington State/Province: DC
Country: USA
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 897196017.Eg

While doing some recreational research at the Library of Congress I 
was looking at:

Sanderson, Ivan Terence. Investigating the Unexplained; A Compendium 
of Disquieting Mysteries of the Natural World. Englewood Cliffs, New
Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 1972. [LOC#: AG243 .S245 / 78-157765].

In it he made reference to a phenomena of "burrowing hoses". I have
replicated the original references below:

Farbstein, Dr. W. E. "All right, Mr. Scientist - Answer This One". 
Fate. Issue No. 25, Volume 5, Number 1. Evanston, Illinois: Clark 
Publishing Company, January 1952. Page 28.

   In Ann Arbor, Mich., recently, a man wishing to water a willow
   tree in his yard, poked the nozzle of the garden hose into the
   soft soil. As he turned the faucet the hose suddenly squirmed and
   burrowed into the ground for several feet -- and no amount of
   pulling could bring it up. Husky friends and neighbors tugged at
   it for days before it finally let go. Nobody could explain this
   unique phenomena.

"Report from the Readers". Fate. Issue No. 30, Volume 5, Number 6.
Evanston, Illinois: Clark Publishing Company, September 1952. Page 

   Squirming Hose

        I was interested in the article on Page 28 of your February
   March issue by Dr. W. E. Farbstein about the experience at Ann
   Arbor with the squirming hose.
        Two little tenant boys got to playing with my garden hose.
   When I came to the garden many feet of the hose were already
   buried. I tried to pull it out and could not. It crept deeper.
   Then I turned the water off. But still the hose couldn't be
   pulled out. I have seen pipe sunk into the ground by hydraulic
   pressure, and when the water is turned off the hose or pipe stops
   creeping. I had to dig a deep hole beside the hose and keep
   filling it with water before it was released.
        -- Jennie Betteridge, Fresno, Calif.

Presumably there is some physical explanation for this which is
nonobvious to me. Can you explain it to me?

Scott W. Langill                         Arbeit mach das leben suesse,               aber faulheit staerkt die gliederung.

Re: What causes burrowing hoses?

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