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Subject: Is there any scientific merit in these theories...

Date: Wed Jun 3 23:39:59 1998
Posted by Tim Jones
Grade level: other
School: N/A
City: Melbourne State/Province: VIC
Country: Australia
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 896935199.As


After reading "A brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking, I have been 
thinking the last couple of days about Black Holes.

I have no math or physics background, but my ideas seem reasonable plausable 
to me - I was just wondering if they are new ideas and if they are in 
fact possible...

Theory 1:
At the event horizon of a black hole, space time should be bent enough to 
make light and energy orbit the black hole.
This should occur at just the event horizon - any closer in and the energy 
will fall into the singularity - any further out and the light will have 
escape velocity.

Theory 2 is designed as something that can be used test of its own and 
Theory 1's validity:

Theory 2:
Any matter approaching an event horizon will cause the event horizon to dent 
or buckle. This would be particularly pronouced when a massive object moves 
near to the black hole - for example a close orbiting neutron star.

Theory 1 & 2 combined:
When a large object approaches a black hole, energy should be seen to come 
from the closest point to the approaching object.

Thank you for indulging me.


Tim Jones

Re: Is there any scientific merit in these theories...

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