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Subject: What if... the Earth orbited a 1.5 solar mass star ?

Date: Sat Aug 29 03:33:16 1998
Posted by patrick
Grade level: other
School: University of Sydney
City: syd State/Province: nsw
Country: Australia
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 904379596.As

What are the possible PROPERTIES that 1.5 solar mass "sun" will have ?
(beside increasing temperature, size and emit more energy)

and How would these CHANGES in the sun's PROPERTIES affect it's 
RANKING among the other stars in the immediate STELLAR neighbourhood ?
i mean would this make it unusual ??

And Also is it possible to have any form of life developing on ANY 
planets orbiting the new sun ?? (include Earth of course)


Re: What if... the Earth orbited a 1.5 solar mass star ?

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