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Re: Wormholes

Date: Thu Sep 10 17:21:54 1998
Posted By: David Barlow, Private individual. Educated in Astrophysics/Cosmology works with computers.
Area of science: Physics
ID: 903173230.Ph

Hi Christophe

I am not entirely sure what you are thinking of as a Wormhole. Wormholes 
as portrayed in Science Fiction, Star Trek, Babylon 5 and such like are 
not thought to exist as real physical objects. Wormholes in Science 
fiction probably originate from something called an Einstein-Rosen bridge. 
The equations that describe Black Holes allow for an exact opposite to the 
hole to exist. These are called White Holes and would exist in another 
part of our universe with very different properties to where we live. The 
black hole and white hole are connected in the middle through the einstein-
rosen bridge, which you could call a wormhole. It is a wormhole as it 
would be microscopically small. 

What this means practically is that for every Black Hole there would be a 
white Hole somewhere. Many possible Black Holes have been found but no 
White Holes. So it is probable that Einstein-Rosen bridges are nothing 
more than intersting mathematical solutions with no basis in reality. 

There is another type of Wormhole that exists in the world of sub-atomic 
particles, the realm of Quantum Mechanics. Again, these are solutions to 
equations that describe real physical events but the properties of these 
wormholes are such that we can not measure them only investigate them 
through mathematics. If these types of wormholes do exist there are many 
of them forming and being destroyed in your body as you read this. 

So I am afraid I can not really speculate what would happen if some super 
strong material was placed in a Wormhole as they either do not exist or 
have a size considerably smaller than the radius of an electron. 

I would suggest borrowing Kip S. Thornes book Black Holes and Time Warps, 
Einsteins Outrageous Legacy for a reasonale discussion of Wormholes. Kip 
is probably the foremost proponent and theorist of Wormholes at the moment


Dave Barlow

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