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Re: Anybody measured the body's electromagnetic signal?

Date: Fri Sep 11 20:37:44 1998
Posted By: Fred Moore, Staff, Dept. of Pathology (lab), Jewish Hospital
Area of science: Biophysics
ID: 892053200.Bp

Dear Chris Figueredo,

I'm sorry for not responding to your question until now.  My work schedule has
been rather hectic.  

Your inquiry into the body's electromagnetic signature is intriguing.  To my
knowledge no one has attempted to measure the "whole body."  There's a huge amount
of information on mapping the electrical potentials in the body from single 
nucleoli to large structures in the brain.
To be perfectly honest, this is not exactly my area of expertise, but I can
point you in the right direction.  Go to your local medical school library
and look in the Radiology Section for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or 
PTSCAN (positronic topography scanning).  These topics deal with shooting 
radiowaves through your body and looking at structures internally with high
resolution.  I'm sure someone has investigated whole body electromagnetic 
signals in some respect.  Good luck.

Fred Moore.

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