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Re: How hazardous is 1% hydrofluoric acid.

Date: Tue Sep 15 08:59:28 1998
Posted By: Jerry Franzen, Faculty Chemistry
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 905725194.Ch

The best approach to your question would be to say that this dilute 
solution retains the same properties as the concentrated solution but to a 
lesser extent.  The vapors of hydrogen fluoride that come from the solution 
are harmful, but they will build to a toxic level more slowly because of 
their lower concentration.  It would still be dangerous to work with it in 
an area that is not well ventilated, because the vapors could build to a 
toxic level.  I presume that you know what the specific effects are from 
your information on the concentrated material.

Effects from physical contact would likewise be less.  The severity of  
burns and tissue damage would be less.  But, it is still very important 
that skin be protected (rubber gloves etc.) and that any accidental contact 
be dealt with immediately.

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