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Re: How do you write a scientific paper?

Date: Tue Sep 8 08:29:23 1998
Posted By: Steve Marvell, Independant Researcher, Fysh (One of the)
Area of science: Other
ID: 905027996.Ot

There are no real strict guidelines unless you are submitting the paper to 
certain scientific bodies who will then have their own specific fomat.

In general a scientific paper should consist of the following sections:

A title and subtitle, eg. Artificial Acid - A computer simulation of 


A meaningful title, eg. Simulating Corrosion

Following this should come an Abstract. This should consist of one or two 
paragraphs briefly summarising the content of the paper.

Some people like to have a contents page here for larger documents.

Some people like to have a terms of reference page. This describes all 
acronyms used. This can be done in the glossary if you choose to have one 

Then comes the introduction, I generally go for a page on this.

Then the report proper, showing everything you did, results, assumptions, 
and conclusions.

At the end goes the Glossary containing definitions of concepts not 
explained in the report itself.

And finally the Bibliography which should contain all reading material used 
and should be referenced in the report when quoting from these documents.

The format of report may change depending on the academic area. I would 
advice you to go to the University library and find some reports in your 
subject area and copy the format (but no the content :)

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