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Re: is there any interaction between vitamin C and anti-biotics

Date: Sun Sep 20 01:25:27 1998
Posted By: Daniel Fletcher, Anthropologist, Pre-Med.
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 903877605.Me

Mr. Bayan,
While many doctors disagree on this subject, they all agree with this 
fact: Excessive acidity will decrease the effectiveness of any antibiotic.
It would follow, then, that one would want to avoid excessive amounts of 
acidic foods, where possible, in order to promote the effectiveness of the 
medication. However, most antibiotics are taken orally and fuly digested 
within an hour of ingestion, so it would probably be safe to have ascorbic 
acid (vitamin C) in between dosages.
To be safe, take your pills, wait thiry minutes to an hour, and then have 
your vitamin C. Both will do you good.

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