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Subject: magnetic fields don't rotate when the magnet does?

Date: Mon Sep 28 00:24:28 1998
Posted by Dave
Grade level: other
School: hard knock university
City: knoxville State/Province: tn
Country: usa
Area of science: Physics
ID: 906960268.Ph

I recently read that Faraday discovered that when a magnet is spun 
axially (as the earth spins) its magnetic field lines remain 
stationary relative to the axis. It is claimed that the discovery 
occured when Faraday glued a copper plate to one pole of a magnet 
(seperated by paper) and appon spinning the magnet/plate assembly 
detected the generation of electrical charge on the plate as would 
occur if the plate were spun in a stationary magnetic field. Faraday 
concluded that since the magnet was spinning in connection to the 
copper plate then the magnetic field itself was not spinning allong 
with it but was instead independantly stabil? This is making ME dizzy 
can you PLEASE do anything to confirm or explain this to a layman like 

Re: magnetic fields don't rotate when the magnet does?

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