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Subject: the likes and dislikes of cynobacteria

Date: Tue Aug 18 23:54:33 1998
Posted by jared
Grade level: grad (non-science)
School: parenthood
City: whittier State/Province: ca
Country: usa
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 903502473.Mi

I have a planted aquarium with occasional invasions by a beautiful 
green-blue slime that appears to produce a large amount of gas that I 
suppose to be oxygen if this were a plant, which it appears to be 
because of it's color. However, I have been told that it is a 
bacteria that relies on photosynthesis.  Neat.  Despite the fact that 
it doesn't seem to hurt the fish, it does seem to rob the plants of 
light( since it grows all over them) and doesn't look quite as 
appealing as I would think the plants by themselves would,as I am not 
a momma cynobacteria.  Anyway,  what does it like so I can not 
provide that.  I need light but I can check phosphates and nitrates, 
or does it like something else?  Why does it grow on plants and wood 
and not on rocks?hmmm.
thank you for your time,

Re: the likes and dislikes of cynobacteria

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