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Subject: Sound-Level Meter in Science Fair Project

Date: Thu Oct 1 18:51:20 1998
Posted by Brian McWilliams
Grade level: 10-12
School: Bartlesville Mid-High
City: Bartlesvillle State/Province: Oklahoma
Country: United States of America
Area of science: Physics
ID: 907285880.Ph

Dear Scientist (?),

     I'm trying to test out the effectiveness of different kinds of ear plugs 
against different kinds of sounds for my school science fair project.  I was 
planning on using a sound-level meter inside either a wooden box or a manniquen 
head, and putting the ear plugs on both sides of the head, and using the meter 
to test out the sound inside the head.  Only problem being that sound-level 
meters go for about $650. Do you know of any way i could either get access to a 
sound-level meter or something that i could use instead of a sound level meter?  
I'd appreciate any help you could offer.  

Brian McWilliams

Re: Sound-Level Meter in Science Fair Project

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