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Subject: What causes some soils/sands to lose heat more quickly than others?

Date: Sat Oct 10 16:22:49 1998
Posted by Chelsea Taylor
Grade level: 7-9
School: Homeschooled
City: Aliquippa State/Province: PA 15001-1319
Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 908054569.Ph

I am a homeschooled eighth grader currently doing a science experiment on the rate of heat loss in different kinds of soils and sand. I have been having trouble finding books and other information that I need for my research project. Information that would help me understand why one kind of soil loses heat more quickly than another kind of soil or sand. I found your name on the internet. Is there any information that you could recommend me getting. Books, pamphlets, other research. Can you give any information concerning this on your web page. Thank you for any help that you could give. I greatly appreciate it. Sincerely,
Chelsea Taylor
170 Pleasant Drive
Aliquippa, PA 15001-1319

Re: What causes some soils/sands to lose heat more quickly than others?

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